Bendigo, Central Otago, New Zealand.
Here scorched hillsides still bear the scars of a gold rush long-abandoned . . .
Today, Mondillo Vineyards' roll across these ochre terraces as our vines liberate
the riches buried within the alluvial soils.

Mondillo Vineyards is a boutique premium wine producer with an emphasis on developing a culture of excellence from the vine to the glass. In our pursuit for perfection we meticulously nurture the fruit from bud burst through to harvest, giving our
wine the true flavours and complexity of the terroir.

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Mondillo Vineyards Ltd
P.O. Box 276
Queenstown 9348
Central Otago
New Zealand
Tel. 64 3 442 6641
Fax 64 3 442 6652
Mobile 64 274 282 214

Mondillo Pinot Noir 2005